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UMC / Virgin continue with their Def Leppard box sets in June when

Volume Three becomes available as a 6CD set or a 9LP vinyl package.

The third of four planned volumes, these contain all the recordings from the band in the 2000s,

specifically the albums X (2002), Yeah! (2006) and Songs From The Sparkle Lounge (2008).

The three bonus CDs are a B-sides disc, Yeah! 2 (more covers)

and Yeah! Live (various live tracks).

The same content appears across five bonus vinyl LPs in the vinyl version,

with the three albums covered by four records - giving a total of nine vinyl LPs.

None of the albums have ever been issued on vinyl previously,

so this is their debut on the format!

The albums have been re-mastered by Ronan McHugh and Joe Elliott at Joe's Garage

and for the vinyl version, cut by Greg Moore. Housed

in rigid boxes the sets also contain a hard-cover book with rare photos

by Ross Halfin and notes by Paul Elliott. Band members Joe Elliott, Rick Savage,

Rick Allen and Phil Collen have also contributed introductions to the set.

CD 1 or LP 1: X

First released in 2002



You're So Beautiful


Long, Long Way to Go

Four Letter Word

Torn to Shreds

Love Don't Lie



Girl Like You

Let Me Be the One


CD 2 or LP 2 and 3: Yeah

First released in 2006

20TH Century Boy

Rock On

Hanging on the Telephone

Waterloo Sunset

Hell Raiser

10538 Overture

Street Life

Drive-In Saturday

Little Bit of Love

The Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll

No Matter What

He's Gonna Step on You Again

Don't Believe A Word

Stay with Me

CD 3 or LP 4: Songs From The Sparkle Lounge

First released in 2008


Nine Lives

C'mon C'mon



Cruise Control


Only the Good Die Young

Bad Actress

Come Undone

Gotta Let it Go

CD 4 or LP 5 and 6: B-sides

Now - Radio Edit

Long Long Way to Go - Radio Edit

Kiss the Day - Limited Edition Bonus Track

10 X Bigger Than Love - B-Side - Long Long Way to Go

Love Don't Lie - B-Side - Now (Demo)

Let Me Be the One - B-Side - Now (Demo)

Gimmie A Job - B-Side - Long Long Way to Go

Now - B-Side - Long Long Way to Go (Live Acoustic Version)

Long Long Way to Go - Limited Edition Bonus Track (Stripped Version)

Nine Lives - Joe Only Vocal Version

Perfect Girl - Website Exclusive (Phil Collen Demo)

Love - Piano Version

CD 5 or LP 7 & 8: Yeah! 2

More covers and bonus tracks

Only After Dark - B-Side - Let's Get Rocked

You Can't Always Get What You Want - B-Side - Have You Needed Someone So Bad

Little Wing - B-Side - Have You Needed Someone So Bad

Ziggy Stardust - B-Side - Slang

Under My Wheels - B-Side - Goodbye

Who Do You Love? - B-Side - Goodbye

Rebel Rebel - B-Side - Now

Led Boots - B-Side - All I Want is Everything

Cause We Ended as Lovers - B-Side - All I Want is Everything

Search and Destroy - Yeah! Bonus Disc Exclusive

How Does it Feel - Yeah! Bonus Disc Exclusive (iTunes Exclusive)

Roxanne - Phil's Demo (Previously Unreleased)

Dear Friends - Yeah! Bonus Disc Exclusive

Winter Song - Yeah! Bonus Disc Exclusive

American Girl - Yeah! Bonus Disc Exclusive

Heartbeat - Yeah! Bonus Disc Exclusive

Space Oddity - Yeah! Bonus Disc Exclusive

When I'm Dead and Gone - Yeah! Bonus Disc Exclusive

Stay With Me - B-Side Now

CD 6 or LP 9: Yeah! Live

Live tracks

Elected - B-Side Heaven Is

Action - Yeah! Bonus Disc Exclusive

No Matter What - Yeah! Bonus Disc Exclusive

Rock On - Live 2006

Travellin 'Band - Radio Edit (Previously Unreleased)

Now I'm Here - B-Side Tonight

20th Century Boy - 2005 VH1 Rock Awards (Previously Unreleased)

All The Young Dudes - Once Bitten Twice Shy Exclusive Track

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