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The self-titled debut album from Black Pumas,

the group that Adrian Quesada and Eric Burton assembled,

has become one of the year most anticipated projects.

"Like Portishead 25 years ago,

it's a debut so perfectly realized

by the standards they've set themselves

that you wonder what could possibly come next. "

said The Guardian in their Ones To Watch piece.

Quesada and Burton both return,

over and over,

to this almost mystical connection

they felt from the beginning.

It's this sense of common purpose,

of shared vision, that gives

Black Pumas its focus and power-and that points to great things ahead


1. Black Moon Rising

2. Colors

3. Know You Better

4. Fire

5. OCT 33

6. Stay Gold

7. Old Man

8. Confines

9. Touch the Sky

10. Sweet Conversations

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