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1 Intro 2 Black Eyes 3 Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Dialogue) 4 Fabulous French (Dialogue) 5 La Vie En Rose 6 I'll Wait For You (Dialogue) 7 Maybe It's Time 8 Parking Lot (Dialogue) 9 Out of Time 10 Alibi 11 Trust Me (Dialogue) 12 Shallow 13 First Stop, Arizona (Dialogue) 14 Music to My Eyes 15 Diggin 'My Grave 16 I Love You (Dialogue) 17 Always Remember Us This Way 18 Unbelievable (Dialogue) 19 How Do You Hear It ? (Dialogue) 20 Look What I Found 21 Memphis (Dialogue) 22 Heal Me 23 I Don't Know What Love Is 24 Vows (Dialogue) 25 Is That Alright? 26 SNL (Dialogue) 27 Why Did You Do That? 28 Hair Body Face 29 Scene 98 (Dialogue) 30 Before I Cry 31 Too Far Gone 32 Twelve Notes (Dialogue) 33 I'll Never Love Again (Film Version) 34 I'll Never Love Again (Extended Version)

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