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cd1 1 Go For A Walk On The Moon 2 Look In The Eyes 3 In An Outdoor Market 4 Love In The Heart 5 Rose In The Chest 6 The Weather Gets 7 A Magic City 8 Carnation In The Ear 9 The Melancholy Of Happiness 10 Argo Nyke Star of the East 12 The Cypress 13 The Bitterness Today 14 A Tired Boy 15 The Waltz Of Lost Dreams cd2 1 The Ballad Of Uri 2 The Virgin Of My Neighborhood 3 The Star Of The North 4 In Digeni The Castles (The Crazy Moon) The Moon 6 Immortality 7 My Gentle Lady 8 My Manoula 9 The Drunk Girl 10 The Children Down In The Plain 11 In Lavrio There Is A Dance 12 Butcher 40 13 Kemal (The Myth Of Sevach) 14 The Little Rallou 15 The Rose

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Tags: Artfully
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