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BASLAM Dimitris the hawk

1. Sesame soups and others 2. When I get angry (song: Dimitris Baslam) 3. The cheeks 4. Gourgourita 1 5. Lullaby [song: Martha Frinzila] 6. Ei .. Psit 7. Gourgourita 2 8. Green green peppers 9. Move and go 10. I dance, I dance [Alkinoos Ioannidis] 11. He walked, he walked 12. They are not parlats 13. Pelican in uniform 14. I fall and I fall again [Song by Socrates Malamas] 15. Jellyfish or tomato paste? 16. Only the alarm clock was missing 17. Lemon fish [song: Fotis Siotas, Mariastella Tzanoudaki, Costas Gianniris, Louiza Sofianopoulou, Dimitris Baslam] 18. Lemons for hunger 19. A broom .. a broom 20. Find .. find .. find 21. The bow tie [song: Fotis Siotas] 22. It arrives .. it arrives .. more slowly 23. Makis the hippopotamus 24. Injustice [Song: Argyris Bakirtzis] 25. Po..po..pooo .. 26. If I had .. [song: Giannis Charoulis]

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Tags: Children
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