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HUNTING FLAME Maria tales with musical instruments book with cd

What is a lyre? What is the sound of the violin? How is the flute different from the flute? How is piano sound produced? These are some of the key questions that the author comes to answer, through six fairy-tales about musical instruments. The violin, the lyre of Hermes, the guitar, the flute, the flute, the piano, the clarinet and the drum, are the eight musical instruments to which he refers extensively. The wonderful world of music becomes known to children through its brilliant narration and the rich illustration that accompanies it. The musical instrument is the protagonist in each story - fairy tale. The technical characteristics of the instrument are distinguished through the plot of the fairy tale in a simple and understandable way for young children. Useful information such as, type of sound, form of instrument, family to which it belongs, are discernible through the flow of history. At the end of the book there is a short description for each instrument, a small "vocabulary" of musical instruments, with construction and technical information. The book is accompanied by a CD with storytelling as well as the musical accompaniment, so that children have the opportunity to hear and not just see the image of the musical instrument described.

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