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pink floyd obscured by clouds

1. "Obscured by Clouds" Gilmour, Waters Instrumental 3:03 2. "When You're In" Gilmour, Waters, Wright, Mason Instrumental 2:30 3. "Burning Bridges" Wright, Waters Gilmour, Wright 3:29 4 . "The Gold It's in the ..." Gilmour, Waters Gilmour 3:07 5. "Wot's ... Uh the Deal?" Gilmour, Waters Gilmour 5:08 6. "Mudmen" Wright, Gilmour Instrumental 4:20 7. "Childhood's End" Gilmour Gilmour 4:31 8. "Free Four" Waters Waters 4:15 9. "Stay" Waters, Wright Wright 4:05 10. "Absolutely Curtains"

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