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SECRETARY Nikos attention! the prince gets dirty

SECRETARY Nikos attention! the prince gets dirty 1. Introduction 2. Daba-dumtta 3. To my little kingdom 4. Go, my nightingale 5. He sent a rose 6. Nice 7. What's going on here? 8. Do not run 9. Look at how they walk (The clockwork toys) 10. Someone left them 11. What is he doing like that? 12. You did not accept my gifts 13. Here the specialist! (Delalima) 14. Oi, oi! Wow, wow! 15. A rose that was cut 16. Who is it? 17. Very nice II 18. Forget what you knew 19. It is a pot with bells 20. The ten kisses 21. The dance of food 22. What does it do? 23. The magic rocker 24. The hundred kisses 25. What's going on here? II 26. Find me the Prince 27. Love is silence 28. And suddenly, everything changed

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Tags: Books , CHILDREN
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