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cohen leonard dear heather

"Go No More A-Roving" (words by Lord Byron, poem "So, we'll go no more a roving") - 3:40 "Because Of" - 3:00 "The Letters" (Cohen, Sharon Robinson) - 4:44 "Undertow" - 4:20 "Morning Glory" - 3:28 "On That Day" (Cohen, Anjani Thomas) - 2:04 "Villanelle for Our Time" (words by FR Scott) - 5:55 "There for You" (Cohen, Robinson) - 4:36 "Dear Heather" - 3:41 "Nightingale" (Cohen, Thomas) - 2:27 "To a Teacher" - 2:32 "The Faith" (music based on a Quebec folk song, see "Un Canadien errant") - 4:17 "Tennessee Waltz" (Redd Stewart, Pee Wee King, additional verse by Cohen) [Live

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