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blackmores night autumn sky

blackmores night autumn sky
blackmores night autumn sky
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1. "Highland" (One More Time cover) Peter Grönvall Nanne Nordqvist 5:46 2. "Vagabond (Make a Princess of Me)" Candice Night Ritchie Blackmore 5:23 3. "Journeyman (Vandraren)" (Nordman cover) Py Bäckman, Helena Bäckman 4. "Believe in Me" Candice Night Ritchie Blackmore 4:26 5. "Sake of the Song" Candice Night Ritchie Blackmore 2:52 6. "Song and Dance" Ritchie Blackmore 1:59 7. "Celluloid Heroes "(The Kinks cover) Ray Davies Ray Davies 5:27 8." Keeper of the Flame "Candice Night Ritchie Blackmore 4:41 9." Night at Eggersberg "Ritchie Blackmore 2:16 10." Strawberry Girl "Candice Night Ritchie Blackmore 4:05 11. "All the Fun of the Fayre" Candice Night Ritchie Blackmore 3:56 12. "Darkness" Candice Night Traditional / Ritchie Blackmore 3:26 13. "Dance of the Darkness" Traditional / Ritchie Blackmore 3:33 14 . "Health to the Company" Traditional Traditional / Ritchie Blackmore 4:16 15. "Barbara Allen" Traditional

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