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byrds younger than yesterday

"So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star" (Jim McGuinn, Chris Hillman) - 2:05 "Have You Seen Her Face" (Chris Hillman) - 2:25 "CTA-102" (Jim McGuinn, Robert J. Hippard) - 2:28 "Renaissance Fair" (David Crosby, Jim McGuinn) - 1:51 "Time Between" (Chris Hillman) - 1:53 "Everybody's Been Burned" (David Crosby) - 3:05 "Thoughts and Words "(Chris Hillman) - 2:56" Mind Gardens "(David Crosby) - 3:28" My Back Pages "(Bob Dylan) - 3:08" The Girl with No Name "(Chris Hillman) - 1: 50 "Why" (Jim McGuinn, David Crosby) - 2:45 "It Happens Each Day" (David Crosby) - 2:44 "Don't Make Waves" (Jim McGuinn, Chris Hillman) - 1:36 "My Back Pages "[Alternate Version] (Bob Dylan) - 2:42" Mind Gardens "[Alternate Version] (David Crosby) - 3:17" Lady Friend "(David Crosby) - 2:30" Old John Robertson "[Single Version ] (Jim McGuinn, Chris Hillman) - 5:05

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