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In recent years his pieces monopolize every chart,

having repeatedly reached No. 1 on YouTube, iTunes, Spotify & Apple Music.

With over 200,000,000 views on YouTube,

35,000,000 streams on Spotify and countless sold out live,

Snik is unquestionably

one of the most commercial and successful artists

of recent years in Greece.

The long-awaited complete release of Top Boy is now a fact.

14 super top hits,

14 top tracks that are expected to "drop" the charts,

as is the case with every release.

In fact, on the occasion of the release of "Top Boy"

Spotify launches today the first official Greek lists,

selecting Snik as featured artist in

New Music Friday Greece playlist

but also in the Hot Greek Rap playlist of the popular platform,

making the start for even more Greek lists,

and of course even more music streaming.

In "Top Boy" you will also find besides the brand new tracks,

the already known N ° 1 hits “Colpo Grosso” ft. Capo Plaza,

Gue Pequeno & Noizy who managed to get in

up to the Italian Billboard Hot100,

"Medusa", "Kilo" but also his recent single "Drip" (ft. Mad Clip).


1. Millionaire


3. Sinefa

4. Why

5. Oh No

6. Online

7. Cubano

8. TopBoy ft Capo Plaza

9. Highway

10. Rockstar

Colpo Grosso feat. Capo Plaza, Noizy & Gue Pequeno


13. Kilo

Drip ft. Mad Clip

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