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CD1 1 –John Barrowman & Claire Moore All I Ask Of You 2 –Barbara Dickson Memory 3 –Clive Carter Close Every Door To Me 4 –Barbara Dickson Don’t Cry For Me Argentina 5 –Lesley Garrett & Dave Willetts The Phantom Of The Opera 6 –Sean McDermott No Metter What 7 –Josie Walker Take That Look Off Your Face 8 –Clinton Derricks Carroll Jesus Christ Superstar 9 –Shona Lindsay There Is More To Love 10 –Lesley Garrett & Samuel Burkley Pie Jesu 11 –Arvid Larsen & Laurie Gayle Stephenson I Believe My Heart 12 –Susannah Fellows As If We Never Said Goodbye 13 –Issy Van Randwyck & Arvid Larson Could We Start Again Please? 14 –Janis Kelly Anything But Lonely 15 –Diane Langton UNCOUPLED 16 –Grania Renihan Another Suitcase In Another Hall 17 –Gerry Lake Pilate's Dream 18 –Company Jellicle Cats 19 –Graham Bickley Rolling Stock 20 –Jennifer Hepburn Angel Of Music (Part One) CD2 1 –John Barrowman Any Dream Will Do 2 –James Graeme The Music Of The Night 3 –Barbara Dickson I Don’t Know How To Love Him 4 –Caroline O’Connor Buenos Aires 5 –John Barrowman Love Changes Everything 6 –Susannah Fellows & Graham Bickley The Perfect Year 7 –Paul Jones Pumping Iron 8 –Clive Carter Mr. Mistoffelees 9 –Jennifer Hepburn, Clive Rowe, Dave Willetts & Company Everything's Alright 10 –Kim Criswell Rainbow High 11 –Liza Pulman Our Kind Of Love 12 –Company Masquerade 13 –Liz Robertson Tell Me On A Sunday 14 –Clive Carter There's Me 15 - Ian McLarnon Evermore Without You 16 –Graham Bickley & Claire Moore The Point Of No Return 17 –Susannah Fellows With One Look 18 –Stuart Piper Heaven On Their Minds 19 –Ian McLarnon On This Night Of A Thousand Stars 20 –National Symphony Orchestra Overtures CD3 1 –Lesley Garrett & Chris Carcoran Think Of Me 2 –John Diedrich & Grania Renihan First Man You Remember 3 –Paul Nicholas & Paul Jones Starlight Express 4 –Graham Bickley, Paul Collis & Company Hosanna 5 –Paul Baker Oh What A Circus 6 - Carmen Cusack Macavity 7 –Paul Baker Whistle Down The Wind 8 –Ian McLarnon High Flying Adored 9 –Paul Nicholas King Herod’s Song 10 –Joanna Ampil Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again 11 –Liz Robertson The Last Man In My Life 12 –Grania Renihan Only You 13 - Andrew Newey & Katrina Murphy Too Much In Love To Care 14 –Josie Walker I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You 15 –Paul Baker Gethsemane 16 –Arvid Larsen & Laurie Gayle Stephenson Seeing Is Believing 17 –Andrew Newey Sunset Boulevard 18 –Arvid Larson All The Love I Have 19 –Munich Symphony Orchestra The Jellicle Ball 20 –Clare Burt Unexpected Song

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