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1. "Welcome to the World" (featuring Kanye West & Kid Cudi) Kanye West, Clifford Harris, Scott Mescudi Kanye West 4:14
2. "How Life Changed" (featuring Mitchelle'L & Scarface) Harris, Cordale Quinn, Glenda Proby, Mitchelle'l Sium, Brad Jordan Lil C, Mike "Emaydee" DuPree 4:30
3. "Get Back Up" (featuring Chris Brown) Harris, Chris Brown, Pharrell Williams The Neptunes 4:24
4. "I Can't Help It" (featuring Rocko) Harris, Larrance Dopson, Lamar Edwards, Rodney Hill The Smash Factory 3:32
5. "That's All She Wrote" (featuring Eminem) Harris, Marshall Mathers, Lukasz Gottwald, Max Martin Dr. Luke, Max Martin 5:18
6. "No Mercy" (featuring The-Dream) Harris, Terius Nash, Christopher Stewart Christopher "Tricky" Stewart, The-Dream 4:07
7. "Big Picture" Harris, Aldrin Davis DJ Toomp 4:25
8. "Strip" (featuring Young Dro & Trey Songz) Harris, Quinn, D'Juan Hart, Tremaine Neverson, Tony Scales Lil C 3:42
9. "Salute" Harris, Jacob Dutton Jake One 3:07
10. "Amazing" (featuring Pharrell) Harris, Williams The Neptunes 5:14
11. "Everything on Me" Harris, Nathaniel Hills, Marcella Araica Danja 4:24
12. "Poppin Bottles" (featuring Drake) Harris, Aubrey Graham, Nikhil Seetharam, Tyler Williams, The Monsters & The Strangerz T-Minus 5:20
13. "Lay Me Down" (featuring Rico Love) Harris, Richard Butler, Jr., James Scheffer, Zukhan Bey, Juan Atkins, Richard 3070 Jim Jonsin, Rico Love 3:16
14. "Castle Walls" (featuring Christina Aguilera)

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