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1 The Kid From Red Bank (1994 Digital Remaster) 2 El Gato (Live) Duke Ellington 3 It's All Right With Me (Live) Stan Kenton And His Orchestra 4 Milestones (1989 Digital Remaster) Gerald Wilson 5 Mexicali Nose (Live) Buddy Band Rich 6 Manteca Gil Evans 7 Chet Chet Baker 8 River's Invitation Stanley Turrentine 9 New Time Shuffle Duke Pearson 10 Ahunk Ahunk Thad Jones 11 Be's That Way Gil Fuller & Dizzy Gillespie 12 Mexican Hat Dance Les Brown & His Band Of Renown 13 Mad About The Boy (Instrumental) Billy May & His Orchestra 14 Jersey Bounce (Instrumental) Benny Goodman 15 Woodchopper's Ball Woody Herman 16 Apollo Jumps Glen Gray

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Tags: Jazz , Swing music
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