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Brand: LAG Model: r1 142
ELECTROACOUSTIC GUITAR LAG AUDITIRIUM CUTAWAY NAT AUDITORIUM CUTAWAY ELECTRIC. Electroacoustic guitar Tramontane Auditorium T70, with preamplifier DirectLag Plus preamp. Cover made of solid Sitka spruce, arm, side and rear parts of Tropical Khaya and fingerboard of Brownood. Black metal parts, natur..
305.00€ 335.00€
Ex Tax:245.97€
Brand: LAG Model: r1 141
ACOUSTIC GUITAR LAG TRAMONTANE 88 NAT DREADNAUGHT Acoustic guitar Tramontane Dreadnought T88 series. Cover from fir solid, arm, side and back parts from honey khaya and brownwood fingerboard. Black metallic parts, high gloss natural...
235.00€ 255.00€
Ex Tax:189.52€
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