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Brand: CONCORD JAZZ Model: ra vin 659
NELSON LUKAS & PROMISE OF THE REAL 2021 A FEW STARS APART LP LP 1 / Side A 1 We'll Be Alright 2 Perennial Bloom (Back To You) 3 Throwin 'Away Your Love 4 A Few Stars Apart 5 No Reason LP 1 / Side B 1 Leave 'em Behind 2 Wildest Dreams 3 Giving You Away 4 Hand Me A Light 5 More Than We Can Handle 6 Sm..
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Brand: CONCORD JAZZ Model: rf3 se2 5
ELLA 100 LIVE AT APOLLO VARIOUS ARTISTS 2020 CD Fantastic live recording, album-tribute to the great Ella Fitzgerald !!! 'Ella 100: Live at the Apollo!' was recorded during a live tribute concert at the Apollo, honoring Ella Fitzgerald's 100th birthday and commemorating the discovery of her talent. ..
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