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Acoustic amplifiers

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Brand: VOX Model: r1 197
VOX 50 WATT NUTUBE AUDIO INSTRUMENT Vox VX50AG headphone amplifier, power 50W, Nutube 6P1 technology, 8 '' speaker with tweeter, 2 separate channels (XLR / jack) with EQ of three areas, balanced XLR input with phantom power (15V) and reverb, nail input with reverb and chorus, phase switch, aux-in in..
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Brand: Marshall Model: r1 196
MARSHALL ACCESSORY AMPLIFIER 50 WATT 50W headphone amplifier, with two independent channels, 2x8 "speakers, microphone input, anti-feedbacc notch filter, FX looop, DI outputs, line out, Chorus - Digital Reverb. Manufacturer: MARSHALL Category: INSTRUMENT AMPLIFIERS Application / Use: ACOUSTIC INSTRU..
Ex Tax:295.05€
Brand: IBANEZ Model: r1 195
AUDIBLE ACCESSORY IBANEZ TA20 TROUBADOUR Amplifier for acoustic instruments. The TROUBADOUR Series was created for professional and amateur guitarists who want the warm and full sound of acoustic and classical guitar in an amplifier for small and large spaces. WEIGHT 8.8kg POWER 20Watts PRE-AID - FI..
Ex Tax:193.03€
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