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Our store was founded in 1980 and is housed in a beautiful neoclassical building in the center of Livadia, on the pedestrian street of Boufidou.

It started operating with the main object of selling vinyl, musical instruments, related accessories and books. Then it gradually expanded to the sale of cd, dvd and t-shirt
For the best possible and quality service of our customers, we cooperate with reliable music companies in Greece and abroad. The list of available products of the store is growing daily, expanding our variety, so that we can meet the high demands of consumers in the field of music.

The impeccable cooperation and trust shown to us by our clients, the music schools, the music schools and the Conservatories of the area, encourage us every day to provide with stability and
responsibility our services at competitive prices, for the benefit and satisfaction of each of our customers individually!


Retail sale of recorded music discs, optical discs (cds, dvds etc) and cassettes
Retail sale of musical instruments in general

Boufidou 16, 32131 Livadia

Tax Identification Number 063092138  -  Livadia Tax Office

Tel. +30 22610 21090
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